Knitted Net

  • Available in various colours, patterns & net width


edp australia pty ltd sources netting from the worlds’ leading manufacturers. The products are manufactured from virgin polyethylene or polypropylene granules plus the corresponding colour pigment. All netting is also 100% recyclable.

We stock a wide range of industry preferred colours and sizes.


Knitted netting is regarded as one of the most efficient forms of packaging for fresh fruit & vegetables. It can be clipped or welded and is the ideal for use on both manual & automatic pre pack machinery.


Thanks to its special structure and composition, polyethylene knitted tubular net features a high strength allowing the production of highly resistant packagings with the use of lower plastic amount than other packing technologies. 1 gr of net can handle up to 1 Kg reaching an excellent cost/resistance ratio.


The rectangular net structure allows the product to breathe. As a consequence freshness is maintained over a longer period, as compared to other forms of packaging.