Giro Clip 2 Clip

A new style for the clipped net bags

Giró launches a new concept that improves the appearance of the current clipped net packaging: the “Clip2Clip” (read it Clip to Clip).


This variation of the clipped net bag is the incorporation of a label attached to both edges of the package, that’s why it is called clip to clip.

It is possible to make the Clip2Clip label with multiple shapes to customize the package design. The resulting effect using different sizes and shapes is surprising and a remarkable differentiation pack appearance can be obtained.

Besides the amazing visual impact, one of the main attrac­tions of Clip2Clip bag, is that the label is made of 100% Polyethylene and, with the exception of the clip, all the bag is made with the same raw material (HDPE), for better recycla­bility.

The Clip2Clip label can be printed with thermal-transfer technology, allowing the packer to incorporate va­riable information, such as barcodes, variety and origin of the fruit, tracea­bility data, price, weight, etc.

Two options to manufacture Clip2Clip

Giró offers two alternatives to make the Clip2Clip package. Both the CA- 10 and CA-9 clipping machines can be equipped with Clip2Clip labelling device.

The CA-10 is the only net clipping ba­gger in the world that feeds net reels, offering high productive efficiency, fewer stops due to change of consu­mable and significant savings in ope­rating costs.

The CA-9 is the standard clipping ma­chine with automatic tube change.

Clip2Clip labeller provides a multi­plicity of variants to the CA-10 and CA-9 machines as it allows making Clip2Clip packaging but also the known and traditional clipped net bag with wineglass label. In both cases it is possible to use composite labels (Polypropylene + thermal paper) or polyethylene labels.

The versatility of the packaging is assured thanks to the multi­tude of label variants (size and shape) that Clip2Clip labeller can handle. Labels from 40 to 100 mm wide and 160-380 mm length can be used.

Giró, always concerned about protecting our customers’ investments in pac­kaging machinery, has Clip2Clip labellers that can be installed on the existing CA-9 and CA-10 clipping machines, so that any of these models may be updated without requiring new investments in packaging machinery.