GirBagger: 8 packaging styles with one machine


The world’s most versatile packaging makes up to 8 different netbag styles

A machine for all needs

With nearly 2.000 units sold worldwi­de the GirBagger machine is probably the most recognized in the horticul­tural packaging business. A range of machines that has evolved over the 10 years since its introduction into the market and is now an undisputed lea­der. GirBagger is a versatile machine in many ways:

It is versatile because thanks to di­fferent versions, allows adequate treatment for many types of pro­ducts such as potatoes, onions, oranges, tangerines, kiwis, avoca­dos, lemons, apples or peaches.

video-player-icon-edpSee it in action - click here to watch a short video.

Another machine versatility is the ability to incorporate and interconnect many elements or devices that improve the quality of packaging plant, such as intelligent recognition sys­tem supplies (SCS), inter­connection with GirCon­trol Plus, the ability to add a checkweigher CHW-G30 or adapt integrated Spotless film cen­tering system without visible mark and is especially versatile for the possibility of up to 8 different va­riants of bags.


1 - Girplus

An economic and ecological packaging with high visibility to show the fruit at its best. Ideal for bags between 1-3 Kg.

2 - Girsac

This world famous package incorporates a printed film longitudinally not welded to the bag that allows its grip. Suitable for formats up to 4 Kg.

3 - Fashion Girsac

A new style that brings originality and appeal to Girsac through the use of a shaped film with the desired design to enhance the image and creativity.

4 - Ultrabag

An elegant, ergonomic, durable and great printed surface to communicate the best properties of the product inside the package. Ideal for any fruit and format up to 5 Kg.

5 - W-Ultrabag

A touch of uniqueness to the traditional bag. A window to see the content can be done with the most convenient shape and size.

6 - Fashion Ultrabag

A touch of class to a great added value package giving a 3D effect to the printed and longitudinally welded film.

7 - MiniBag

A package for small formats (100g to 500g) ideal to give a high class appearance to small products (garlic, shallots, clementines) offering a wide communication area.

8 - Girplusac

An interesting way to make a package with a good balance between visibility and communication skills: half Girplus, half Girsac.

No other machine on the market with this versatility. Its flexibility is highly appreciated by packers and producers because it allows them to optimize their investment in machinery, due to the cost of it but also for the floor area saving. The range of packages and va­riants makes this machine, provides a great productivity in any packaging plant.

But that’s not all. One of the great fea­tures of the GirBagger machine is its ability to grow according to your ne­eds. It is not necessary to start with the most equipped and expensive mo­del but any model can be complemen­ted in the future to be modified to the requirements of packaging.

And do not forget something very im­portant: no other machine on the mar­ket offers the quality of the package you get with GirBagger.