Giro Line-Pack & Twin-Pack


When the fruit becomes an snack

Another novelty Giró launches in Frutilogistica’2015 is the Line-Pack with its va­riant Twin-Pack. The Line-Pack is a pac­kage designed for products sold in small sizes, 2 or 3 units. It is ideal for spherical fruit like and well calibrated, such as small citrus.

Since the container is tight its attrac­tiveness is based on a regular and aligned arrangement and it is not re­commended for oblong or irregularly sized products.

labelsThe Line-Pack uses the labeling Clip2Clip, being able to use the size and shape more suitable for every need and every creative idea. Allows both vertical and horizontal orienta­tion of the package.

The recommended label size ranges between 160 mm (2 pieces) and 210 mm (3 pieces), with widths of 50 to 60 mm.

However Giró pro­poses to vary the shape of the label for each use, so the exclu­sivity, customiza­tion and attractive package is achieved.


Line-Pack at the Point of Sales

Line-Pack is an ideal impulse sales package. An attractive and small pac­kage for immediate consumption or to take to work or school and make a healthy breakfast.

The Giró Line-Pack offers a functio­nal and elegant way to show it in the POS. A shipping-display box that can hold about 36 Twin-Pack units (2 pie­ces each) or 24 Line-Pack units with 3 pieces each.

The box, customizable with the right message to the product and the brand of the producer or retailer, is easily converted into a magnificent inclined exhibitor to closely offer the product to the consumer.

Easy open Line-Packeasy-open

The Line-Pack offers a new way to sell the fruit. To make it practical, Giró has developed a new easy open woven mesh. An extremely light and ecological net (less than 1 gr of plas­tic packaging!) having a longitudinal zones identified with another colour where the consumer can easily open the package. With the Easy-Open net (patented Giró) it is not necessary to use any cutting element to open the package and it is very easy even for children.

CA-9L: the bagger

ca-9lThe Line-Pack can be made with the new CA-9L bagging machine equipped with a Clip2Clip labelling device. CA-9L is a modified version of the known CA-9 clipping machine with smaller diame­ter tubes that allow the align­ment of the fruit. Initially the ‘C’ version, ideal for citrus or rounded fruits without pe­duncle, will be launched. In the future there will be an ‘F’ version for all types of products that incorporate a system for in­troducing the fruit that avoids snags with the mesh, highly re­commended, for example, for packaging onions in Line-Pack.