Citrus News 2016


With citrus season ramping up, edp can offer you some great solutions. Here is a great example of an entry level citrus feed line that will handle anything from Navel oranges to imperial mandarins.

It features a soft padded creep feed hopper to ensure gentle recieval and consistent feed onto the inspection table. Operators can inspect and remove any downgraded or out of spec product as it is constantly turned by the blue PVC rollers. Both the inspection and the creep feed are variable speed to allow fine tuning of the grading process.

citrus-news-2   citrus-news-3

This line also featured the industry standard minibagger that has been slightly modified to accommodate the special requirements for gently handling of mandarins. The flatter infeed hopper coupled with the wave top belts gives a great even feed whilst looking after the product. Provided with a footswitch, the operator has their hands free at all times to load/unload the crates.

The customer requested that all items be on heavy duty lockable swivel castors to allow excellent flexibility to relocate or store the equipment when not in use.

edp also offers a great range or combination weighing machines, semi and fully automatic net bagging as well as a complete range of packaging consumables. Call edp to discuss your particular requirements – ph.0358205337