Potato washing line


Our customer required a stainless steel solution that allowed his dirty potatoes to be transported from an existing sizing module, through a high pressure 24 row washing unit and across final inspection tables. Waste product is thrown into a collection belt mounted between the two inspection tables, and transferred to a waste bin at the front of the line.

The washing unit is fitted with two sets of high pressure sprays of which either can be isolated via ball valves on the water supply side. Dirty water from the washing unit is collected through a sieve and into a 1500 litre collection tank. The tank boasts an access manway for ease of cleaning and a 4” flange fitting so that a recirculating pump can be coupled to the system. It also comes with an internal header cleaning pipe to assist in the removal of mud and silt from the collection tank.


The wiring is all ‘plug in’ allowing the owner to pull it apart with ease and transport to other properties where it will be used at different stages of the season. Items are fitted with fork lift slippers to make moving a breeze.

Just another example of edp being able to facilitate our customers needs and ideas, then design and build a solution right here in Australia. All this at a very competitive price.