Onion and potato receival and grading line

edp technicians recently returned from southern QLD after installing and commissioning an ideal onion and potato receival and grading line.

tipper hoper

Bin Tipper and Hopper

It boasted one of our industry leading electric bin tippers coupled to an extra heavy duty receival bulk hopper. This tipper and hopper combination provides excellent handling of the product and great produce accumulation allowing the operators time to do other important tasks around the shed. Should the hopper be already full, the tipper will remain in the tipped position until the product is fed to the line creating room for the produce still in the bin. Once the product has cleared a photoelectric eye confirming the bin is empty, the tipper will return to the loading position allowing it to be refilled.

The hopper was designed to have enough capacity to hold 4 bins with another waiting in the tipper. The hopper features a ‘moving floor’, which is a rubber belt fixed to angle iron and power transmission chain. In this instance the drive chain selected was 15,000lb breaking strain to be able to accommodate excessive loads without issue. With the tipper moved out of position and the rear hopper panels removed a bulk truck tipper can back up to the moving floor hopper for direct unloading to the grader.

dual brushing units

Dual Brushing Units – nylon bushes and rubber pintles

Our customer requested that we incorporate both nylon brushes as well as rubber pintles to give them the flexibility to run potatoes across the grader when his onion crop was on rotation. These units were simply pushed ‘in line’ when required with the waste collected in an enclosed conveyor underneath and presented to a common collection point.

The brushing and grading section featured waste curtains that help capture any dirt and shell that may come loose during processing. This was an addition to ensure a cleaner work space for all in the shed.

roller inspection table

Roller Inspection with operational touch screen interface

A roller inspection table featuring blue PVC rollers and overhead lighting allows operators to inspect the product in comfort and edp’s plastic moulded waste chute give operators plenty of room to place waste and downgrade product in the designated place. The Operational Touchscreen Interface was mounted on the inspection table, being the central control point on the grader.

sizing screen 3

Sizing Screen – 3 module with cross collection belts

Sizing was done via a 3 module screen unit that was fitted with rubber water jet cut screens to give the customer absolute flexibility in size selection. The design of the edp screen sizer allows the operators to change to plastic and even wire screen without any adjustments if they desire to.

Sized product is collected via our standard edp collection conveyors featuring 2 ply PVC belt complete with dirt strips to deny any waste to get inside the conveyor body causing maintenance issues in the future.

Two edp Electrobaggers were also part of the purchase. The customer already had a couple of older units and the machines track record meant that he had no hesitation in purchasing two more to help take his business forward.

complete line

Complete Line – 8-10 Tonne per hour primarily for Onions. Customer will also run potatoes.

A great example of edp collaborating, designing, manufacturing and installing equipment for the fresh produce sector. Our customer had some particular requirements which we have been able to design into the line which now will give him years of service. edp values their return business as this line replaced an original Series 90 grader that would have seen 20+ years of service. Not a bad endorsement!

 video-player-icon-edp See it in action - click here to watch a short video.