Potato Screen Sizer & Webb Gooseneck Elevator

edp had an inquiry from a new customer in North Queensland for a Sizing Solution for Brushed Potatoes at up to 50 tonnes per hour.

screen sizer elevator news img1

edp was able to supply them with a solution that can be easily picked and transported to the customers second site.

Unloading from bulk trailers product goes up a heavy duty Webb Gooseneck Elevator with tube top cleats. The elevator feeds onto a 1800mm wide extended Screen Sizer Module complete with double agitation. Supplied with an 85mm wire screen product falls onto a padded chute to the 1200mm wide trampoline collection conveyor. Oversize falls onto a 600mm wide trampoline collection conveyor. Both conveyors are set to a height where the customer can feed directly into either their piler or bulk bag filler.

screen sizer elevator news img2

The full turnkey solution was also fitted with outlets to supply axillary equipment.

Line is now up and running in far North Queensland on the current potato harvest.