Product Receival Plant

We have recently completed a product receival plant that required some particular additions requested by our customer.

The newly harvested shallots will be delivered direct from the paddock via bulk trailers and a heavy duty ramp was required to accommodate the tipping of the product to enable quick and clean unloading.

receival plant news

The bulk hopper featured the edp heavy duty rubber belt moving floor complete with onion bars, as well as steeper than usual wall panels, to help move the product forward and prevent bridging. An adjustable baffle is fitted at the transfer to the main inspection and sorting area to allow the flow to be manipulated to suit the inspection staff. The speed of the hopper belt as well as the webb inspection belt can be adjusted via easy to reach controls.

The inspection webb features rubber coted bars for gentle handling and allows all small matter to pass through to a fully enclosed waste collection system. An adjustable agitator also assists in the sifting and sorting of small clods and waste allowing the staff to only have to inspect the produce and not the waste matter.

Bins are loaded and manually indexed into place by fork operators to receive the inspected product. A levelling blade ensures each bin is filled to capacity as they are pushed through for unloading. Although the bin loading is reasonably manual, the users find it a very efficient and cost effective solution.

Each section has been wired as “plug and play” so that the operators can pull the equipment apart in minutes and return to the shed for storage when not in use.