Potato Washing Unit

potato washing1

Our customer required further upgrades to his chip potato washing plant in central New South Wales.

edp provided customer with a new Stainless Steel 1500mm wide 34 row flat bed washing/drying unit for up to 40 tonnes per hour.

The washing unit consist of 26 rows of rubber pintles with two sets of high pressure sprays. Supplied with variable speed drives for full flexibility and draper chain for the removal of all product.

potato washing2

Dirty water from the washer is collected in stainless steel tray below which is fitted with 6” flange so a recirculating pump can be coupled to the system.

The drying section consists of 8 rows of drying brushes fitted with flicker bars for the removal of excess water from the brushes.

Also supplied was a Stainless Steel Heavy Duty High Speed Webb Elevator fitted with a fully automatic soft fill Zig Zag Chute for the loading of trucks at the 40 tonne per hour requirement.