Citrus Bin Tipper


We have just completed a soft tip electric bin tipper and creep feed belt for a citrus customer. The tipper has many features; one being that the bin is clamped to the lid using air bellows to ensure there is no product spillage during the tipping cycle. A soft release pneumatic door ensures a gentle transfer of the product to the accumulation/creep feed belt. The tipper is also remote controlled allowing the tipping sequence to be instigated at the operators convenience. The tipper is also fitted with a photoelectric eye at the discharge point which allows the tipping carriage to return to the loading/unloading position once the product is cleared from the bin.

You can also see that the creep feed receival belt is lined with soft, foam filled camlon sheets to minimise any product bump and damage. This tipping solution is ideal for the citrus industry! Call our sales team to discuss your requirements.