Just Onions Install

ABV- Weighing & Net Clipping machines taking America by storm now installed at Just Onions in Australia.

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By Mick Schirmer - Business Development Manager – edp australia


I met with Peter Saunders at Just Onions 2 weeks ago for our first review on our recent installation. He was very complimentary about our installation and the performance of his new machinery. Below are some questions I posed to him and his responses.

Mick - How have you seen the first month's performance?

Peter - Great and better than expected.

Mick - Has this new ABV solution saved you time?

Peter - Yes we are achieving at least 1hr of additional packing per day.

Mick - Has the new solution saved you $$$ by using the consumables more effectively?

Peter - We are wasting 30 - 40% less net and wine glass labels because the clipping machine rarely drops a bag or gives us a double bag. Currently we are achieving between 95-98% pack out.

Mick - Is the ABV weigher and net clipper easy to use?

Peter - We are happy because the machinery is very easy to use and the staff are not afraid to use this new machinery – they are quite comfortable with it.

Mick - Have you been happy with the installation process and the manner in which edp and ABV installed your machinery?

Peter - I did not expect to be packing product on day 1 of the installation and we did ...so better than expected.

Mick - Does the new ABV solution allow you to pack your customer orders faster than your previous packing lines?

Peter - Yes 100% it certainly does.

Mick - If you were to open a new facility tomorrow....would you order the same machinery?

Peter - Right now yes we would order another packing line from edp and ABV.

Mick - Is access to the top of the weigher better than your other packing lines and what about removal of the buckets for cleaning?

Peter - Accessibility to the top of the machine via the platform is fantastic and we can now remove a bucket for cleaning in less than 15 seconds. We can't do that with our other machinery.

Mick - How many packs per day are you packing through your new ABV Line?

Peter - We are currently packing on average approx. 12,000 packs per day.