wineglass labelsWineglass Labels

The wineglass label is a composite of polypropylene and thermal paper and specially designed for clipped net packaging. Wineglass labels are cold chain compatible, 100% recyclable and available in various sizes to suit all manufacturers net clipping machines.

The narrow upper part of the label is used to clip to the net using clipping wire, the wider part of the label is used for pre-printed product information. The reverse thermal paper side can be printed during the packing process of any information required.

edp can assist with custom designed artwork using HD flexographic printing up to 8 colours or supply totally plain or generic wineglass labels from our stock.

adhesive labels

Adhesive Labels

Wide range of adhesive labels for all the different thermal welded net bags. Quality material use to facilitate printing and makes it easier to read the label at the point of sale. Adhesive labels can be supplied in high definition thermal paper, non-thermal paper, pre-printed (up to 8 colors) or plain.

Great way of add additional information to your packaging.


The Clip2Clip label is a modern alternative for the traditional wineglass label. Both ends of the C2C labels is attached to the net bag creating an attractive pack. Labels can be made with either polyethylene or polypropylene and thermal paper.


Multiple variations of shapes and sizes available to customise your package, edp can assist with custom designed artwork.

Width: 40mm to 98mm. Length: 160mm to 292mm.


Handles can be incorporated to all our thermal welded net bags, achieving a comfortable and convenient way to carry the bag from the point of sale to home. The handle can be supplied in various colors or pre-printed on its outer face with logos, offers or attractive images to add value to the package.

  • 100% recyclable
  • Food Contact Approved
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified and BRC (IoP) Certification
  • HD Flexographic Printing - up to 8 colours