Bin Tipping Equipment


edp soft Bin Tipper

  • Ideal for delicate fruit such as apples & mandarins
  • Available in various models including fully automatic with auto bin feed entry and exit.

Overall Dimensions

  • Width: 2100mm
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Height: 2100mm
  • Weight: 600kg

The bins can be loaded into the machine with pallet truck or fork lift. The bin is unloaded via an exit belt, a photoelectric eye controls unloading of the fruit. A discharge brush prevents damage to the fruit on exit.

Bin Dimensions: 1000x1000 - max 1200x1200 h= 550 to 780 - max weight 600kg

The tipper is powered by hydraulics and is very simple in design. The unit is controlled via data entry keyboard.

The bin is completely inverted and moves forward as it empty's.

video-player-icon-edpSee it in action - click here to watch a short video.