Bin Tipping Equipment


edp Electric Bin Tipper

Semi-Automatic Bin Tipper

  • Electric Tip
  • Pneumatic Air Bag Bin Clamp (Various Bin Heights)
  • 135º Tip Angle Ensuring Complete Bin Discharge auto bin return
  • Automatic Pneumatic Lid Door (For Gentle Discharge)
  • Half Tonne to One Tonne Bins
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Touch screen interface

The edp Electric Bin Tipper is ideal for feeding produciton lines, especially when coupled to an edp 2 Tonne or 4 Tonne moving floor hopper.

video-player-icon-edp See it in action - click here to watch a short video.

The tipper will act as extra storage and will metre the product out as required, thus increasing storage capacity. These units are available in stainless steel or mild-steel powder coated.

Product Onions – Potatoes – Citrus
Bin Specification 1/2 Tonne – One Tonne
Mode of Operation Semi-Automatic