Bulk Hopper Equipment


edp Bulk Hoppers

Wet or Dry Bulk Receival Moving Floor Hoppers

  • 2 Tonne to 16 Tonne Wet or Dry Bulk Receival Hoppers
  • Variable Speed Moving Floor
  • All Full Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Construction
  • Custom Built to Suit (Depending on Various Requirements)

edp manufactures the following range of standard Hoppers:

  • 1 Tonne
  • 2 Tonne
  • 3 Tonne Wet Hopper
  • Truck Receivable Hopper (see video below)
  • 4 Tonne
  • 5 Tonne Wet Hopper
  • Custom Build Wet or Dry Hoppers

video-player-icon-edp See it in action - click here to watch a short video.