Grading Equipment

edp design and manufacture vegetable grading equipment; every line is different.

All components are manufactured in-house, except for specialised pieces of equipment that may be occasionally required. In these cases additional equipment will be sourced from an outside supplier and built into the grading line.

All grading and handling projects are fully electrically wired in-house and tested before dispatch.

edp offer grading equipment for all hard produce, potatoes, onions and carrots.

Stainless steel, hot dip galvanised and powder coating finishes are available upon request.


  • Brushing units, both wet and dry
  • Washing units, flat bed pintle washers, barrel washes and brush washing
  • Mopping units
  • Inspections tables, webb chain and roller tables
  • Top and tailing machines, scroll and fan toppers
  • Waste systems including ducted vacuum systems
  • Distribution systems (conveyors)


edp Custom Grading Equipment

Grading Line Machine Indicator

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