Grading Equipment


edp Custom Grading Equipment

Grading Line Machine Indicator

  1. Electric Bin Tipper
  2. Four Tonne Hopper
  3. Roller Inspection Table
  4. Fan Onion Top & Tailer
  5. Lift Roller Sizer (Cone Sizer)

Bulk Bin Filling System

  1. 2 x Goose Neck Fillers
  2. 1 x Electric Dual Bin Filler

edp has manufactured vegetable grading and processing lines for over sixty
 years. The company offers a custom design service to develop a layout that
 suits the end need.

Vegetable Grading is a specialized operation which requires the correct 
equipment to handle the product gently, but also carry out the required 
process needed to create a first class saleable product.

The components in an edp grading line are made inhouse, however,
if a specialised piece of equipment is required in the layout, edp will source this 
from outside suppliers and build it into the line.

This ensures the complete turnkey project is installed and is fully operational in less than a week.