edp Flat Bed Vegetable Washer

The washing unit is fitted with two sets of high pressure sprays of which either can be isolated via ball valves on the water supply side. Dirty water from the washing unit is collected through a sieve and into a 1500 litre collection tank. The tank boasts an access manway for ease of cleaning and a 4” flange fitting so that a recirculating pump can be coupled to the system. It also comes with an internal header cleaning pipe to assist in the removal of mud and silt from the collection tank.

  • Nylon or Rubber Pintle Rollers
  • Stainless Steel or Hot-Dipped Galvanised Manufacture
  • Optional Variable Speed Drivers
  • Options: Draper Chain / Collection Tray / Pressure Pump
Product Potoatoes, Citrus, Apples, Root Vegetables
Dimensions Up to 1800mm wide
Capacity Up to 20 Tonne P/Hr Potatoes , Up to 8 Tonne P/Hr Carrots