Carton & Crate Filling Equipment


edp Carton Filler


  • Lifts Crate when Filling for Minimal Drop
  • Vibrative Setting while Filling
  • Automatic Carton Adjustment to Suit Various Size Cartons
  • Will Connect to Any Weigher

The crate filler is designed to handle both plastic crates (RPC’s) and cardboard cartons.
The unit self-adjusts to suit the crate heights. The crate is raised in the filing position
and shaken to minimize drop and evenly fill the container. The capacity of the machine
is dependant on the weigher feeding it and is capable of up to 12 per minute.

video-player-icon-edp See it in action - click here to watch a short video.

Product Hard Produce
Size 10 – 25 kg
Mode of Operation Automatic – 12 cpm