Conveyance Bagging Equipment


edp Carrot Electrobagger

Model: N47

edp carrot electrobagger – an evolution in accuracy and capacity.

  • Rectangular bag holders to suit carrot bags.
  • Wide entry into the bag at the filling head.
  • Dual speed feed belt for fast & trim feed.
  • Single full width cleated belt to assist in product feed.
  • Electronic table indexing.
  • Pneumatic bag clamps.

It is a specialised machine for those special lines which require bagging that is not a high volume product.

Product Carrots, Parsnips and other root vegetables
Bag Specification 50lb (22.7kg)
Bag Holder Dimensions 11,13/16” x 4,11/16”; 300mm x 120mm
Air Consumption 50l/min @ 6 bar (80 PSI)
Mains Supply 10A 220-240V (50-60Hz)