Conveyance Bagging Equipment


Big Bag Filler PIM

Filling Tote Bags without getting frustrated! The PIM Machinery dual plateau Big Bag Filler combines a minimum product drop with a high performance where the fork lift truck driver can remain seated whilst removing the full bag from the machine.

  • Minimal product damage by automatic height control of lifting platforms,
  • Forklift driver can stay on his truck whilst removing full bags,
  • Suitable for several bag sizes,
  • Manual Top-off filling possible,
  • Different Big-Bags sizes can be used at random,
  • Straight and stable filled Tote-Bags. Two Tote-Bags fit beside each other in a trailer,
  • Continuous filling process. As soon as the first Tote-Bag is full, the PTBF-1 automatically changes to the next bag,
  • Built in square tubes for forklift moving
  • Galvanized instead of powder coating [e.g. wet carrots]
  • Compressor [in case compressed air is not available],
  • Weighing option,
  • Larger lifting plateaus for bins,
  • Heavy duty hoisting motors,
  • Gooseneck elevator.

Big Bag filler pdf2

Weight ± 1,500 kg
Power consumption ± 4,75 kW
Air consumption ± 0,5 (I/min) - 6 bar