High Speed Palletizing Machine

Model No:

  • For large-sized packing plants
  • Top class palletizing
  • Maximum speed and accuracy by SERVO-technology

Undisputed top class palletizing is done with the this machine. This model is the best solution for large-sized packing plants that require maximum speed and accuracy.

By controlling the movements of the manipulator with the help of SERVOtechnology it can achieve a maximum capacity of 35 bags per minute. This rightfully makes the machine the fastest in the range.

The machine is equipped with a standard pallet dispenser to feed in empty pallets, a pallet conveyor to feed out full pallets, and an inspection platform.

The telescopic conveyor connected to the -manipulator and conveyor belts automatically accumulate the bags and transport these up into the palletizer towards the manipulator equipped with centring flaps, which ensure accurate positioning of the bags onto the pallet. The machine can optionally be extended with an automatic adjustment for multiple pallet sizes in order to stack bags and cartons with the same machine.