Poly Bagging Equipment


edp Polybagger

Model: AB2008 DF

  • The bag & product 
is completely supported throughout the filling procedure.
  • Soft fill function
  • Electrically adjusted bag support conveyor
  • Bag count & Bag per minute display

The edp Polybagger is a tried and proven bagger,
 used for the packaging of 1kg to 6kg plastic wicketed bags with produce and or components automatically.

The bagger is compatible with all combination weighers such as Daumar, Newtec, Bottazzi, Sorma and Manter. The speed of the bagger depends on the counting or weighing machine but is capable of up to 25 bags per minute depending on size and product.

The support belt is raised and lowered (electrically) to suit different bag dimensions.

The bag and product is completely supported throughout the filling procedure. This inexpensive bagging machine is simple in design and cheap to maintain and service. Manufactured in Australia by edp, the machine is inexpensive to service and maintain.

Product Potatoes – Tomatoes - Onions - – Apples – Oranges
Bag Type Wicketed Lynx – Wicketed Mesh Lynx*
Closure Type Kwik Lok
Soft Fill Apples (Optional Fill)
Supply Voltage 415 VAC + Neutral + GND / 10 AMP
Air Consumption 5 CFM @ 80 PSI


*Subject to optional vacuum bag opening system