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Jamie Dickson

Spare Parts

Ph. 5820 5321

Phil Salsone

Technical Service & Support

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Important Notice to users of Orchard Elevating Work Platforms

Elevating Work Platforms used in orchards are required to undergo a Major
Inspection before they reach 10 years service life to comply with Australian
Standard 2550.10 – 2011. It is an owners/operators responsibility that any
Powerladder manufactured by edp australia pty ltd that are in this category
undergo the above mentioned inspection. (the year of manufacture can
be found on the name plate in the work cage)

The requirements for the Major Inspection does not appear in the service manual of some earlier models.

In conjunction with the major Inspection, edp advises that all machine owner/operators conduct regular (seasonal) maintenance and inspection of their machines. Any wear & tear and maintenance should be dated and noted and kept with the machine at all times.